Thursday, June 8, 2017

Passive Programming: Summer Fun! (Also SHE LIIIIVES!)

Hello all, Its been quite a while! Between forgetting to take photos, not loving what I've created, and large library wide events (I'm looking at you Harry Potter Day and Free Comic Book Day) I just haven't been able to get myself together enough to post something!
However, I've finally done it! I got together a display to get patrons ready for summer and summer reading!
Small summer inspired poster and Tri-fold.

I could have borrowed something straight from online, but I made my one. I think it could have been improved, but I had already printed it, so its the one I went with.

This includes tips on how to keep cooler in hot weather, what symptoms lead to heat exhaustion (and what to do), and a list of free or low cost activities in the area this summer. 

Everything on the poster is included in this tri-fold.

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